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 CQC Compliance System. – We Are HLTH Manage.

The UK’s Leading CQC Compliance, Healthcare HR & E-Learning Software System.

Welcome to HLTH Manage, the UK’s leading HR & CQC Compliance System, supporting healthcare providers in achieving ‘Outstanding’ Compliance. Works on macOS, Windows and all smart devices.

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Be CQC Ready and Ensure Your CQC Compliance

Our team of CQC Advisors, former CQC Inspectors, Clinical Nurses, GPs and healthcare professionals created HLTH Manage to support providers with future-proofed compliance under the New Single Assessment Framework.

Our software is the leading system in achieving ‘Outstanding’ compliance, providing an all-in-one tool to manage your documents, policies, staff, e-learning, governance, and more. It is expertly positioned to prepare you for inspection under the CQC’s New Single Assessment Framework, developing ahead of the New Strategy launch to ensure you succeed.

As part of the HLTH Group, our wider team is available to support  with a number of compliance services, including CQC Training, On-Site Compliance Support, Interim Management Support and additional compliance services.

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With the HLTH Manage System you can…

HLTH Manage guides you through the entire CQC Compliance process, and contains many state-of-the-art features. It can support you with…

CQC Toolkit

HLTH Manage includes a up-to-date CQC Compliance Toolkit, containing important tools, documents and guides.


Evidence your compliance within our system, uploading key documents to illustrate adherence to CQC guidelines.

Healthcare HR

With our HR dashboard, you can monitor staff leave and performance within your provider.


We offer CPD-accredited health and social care courses, accessed via our software and suitable for all healthcare providers.

Policies and

An intuitive dashboard where you can easily access, review, and manage your suite of policies and procedures.


Easy-to-use evidence tool for viewing and monitoring staff training and progress.

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  More about the system…

HLTH Manage Features and Benefits.

Key Lines of Enquiry

With ‘at a glance’ functionality, the organisations Compliance Function can easily gather and demonstrate compliance in line with CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry. The system creates a more accessible and transparent compliance environment.

HLTH Manage Dashboard

The Dashboard solution incorporates a firm’s compliance monitoring programme, policies and registers and creates a central access point for the Compliance Officer and other designated staff to upload and share documents and tasks.

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Part of the HLTH Group family

Across our HLTH Group, we are proud to work with amazing healthcare providers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Something you’re not sure of, try our FAQ’s below before contacting us. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

HLTH Manage contains a suite of industry-leading tools that streamline your documentation and governance processes, guide your staff management and training, and ensure you are proactively maintaining and improving your compliance rating.

Using HLTH Manage, you can ensure your documentation and procedures remain fully up-to-date with latest CQC guidelines. Our expert system allows you to upload evidence of your compliance, and ensures you maintain this by prompting you when any aspect of your policies, staff training, and documentation is due for review. Plus, HLTH Manage is a trusted all-in-one hub for your document storage and management, allowing you to go paper free.

HLTH Manage’s expert “at a glance” dashboard means you can quickly assess your compliance status in line with the CQC’s 5 Key Questions. You can use this to manage your compliance and take action where needed.

You can allocate responses to each Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) under the Key Questions to your active team members, creating a collaborative approach to compliance. Your HLTH Manage manager can also continually assess your organisation’s rating across all departments and sites, identifying areas of concern and using the system’s expert guidance to take action. HLTH Manage’s check list of tasks and workflow allocation can be used to ensure that your sites meet all CQC Fundamental Standards and Guidelines.

HLTH Manage allows you to easily view and download a range of audits from its built in reporting platform. Our system uses the information you upload to generate a range of audits based on what you are looking to assess.

Our intuitive system generates both full compliance reports and more verbose, section specific audits that detail how well each level or area is performing. All reports can be deployed to company, brand, site and team level. Plus, all reports can be exported to a variety of formats for further analysis if required. You can use the reporting function to track staff progress and generate an audit history of each individual’s response submission. This provides invaluable insight into how well their performance is progressing within your compliance team. Any issues with task allocation and latency of response can be picked up in your weekly compliance meeting.

HLTH Manage is the UK’s leading CQC Compliance Software, designed by a team of former National CQC Training Managers, CQC Inspectors, and healthcare providers. Our system guides your organisation to attain an excellent CQC rating, which ultimately reflects the quality of your service.

We are here to provide the tools you need to streamline your documentation and governance processes, and to guide you through the challenges faced with preparing for CQC inspection. Our system contains interviews with industry experts that are ready at your fingertips, in addition to insightful tips for each KLOE prompt you need to submit. This ensures your responses are exactly what CQC inspectors are looking for, and that you have all the understanding and resources you need to remain compliant.

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