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HLTH Manage System

Management and Communication.

An effective workforce is built on transparent processes and communication channels. In the health and social care sectors, ensuring these processes are effective means your patients will receive a service that is both consistent and compliant.
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Many services find they have inconsistent documentation and communication networks. For instance, some files are stored digitally where others are paper, and different teams may use different systems. Ultimately, this makes it difficult to ensure transparency and make any improvements across your team. 

Using HLTH Manage means you can go paper free: our expert system is a single storage point for all your important documents, policies and procedures, staff information, and training files.

Having this central hub means you easily maintain procedural standardisation across your teams and sites, so you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies.

HLTH Manage also supports a more collaborative approach to compliance and quality assurance. Individuals across your sites can access the system and add information relating to your compliance and processes.

Plus, any compliance and improvement plans can be shared across your team, so you can make sure your organisation are all working with a unified system and goal.


Protect your brand

Evidence compliance clearly

One central source of truth

Assurance staff are up to date

Digital audits with automatic action plan

“Storing everything in one electronic system is so important in today’s age, and it means we are running as efficiently as possible.”

– Kelly Huntley, Park Road Dental Practice

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