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Meet Victoria, our CQC Compliance Manager

Victoria is a well-respected former CQC Inspector and Registered Nurse. She supports our clients to ensure they access to the full range of expertise and resources they need to meet Outstanding Compliance Standards.

Victoria has over 12 years’ experience as a CQC Inspector and pharmaceutical technician, where she specialised in medicines optimisation. As a former Inspector, she brings an invaluable insight into the CQC’s complex expectations to our team. She knows the full range of components necessary to achieve compliance to the highest standard and is passionate about supporting HLTH Manage users to do this.

Her thorough insight is coupled with a clinical background and genuine passion for the healthcare sector, meaning Victoria provides exceptional support to all HLTH Manage users throughout their compliance journey. Day-to-day, she works closely with our partners at CQC Compliance to ensure HLTH Manage’s clients receive any additional compliance support they need.

In addition, Victoria facilitates client relations with our partners at QPol, the leading provider of bespoke policies and procedures. This means our clients have full access to the industry leading services and resources they need to excel in their compliance journey, and Victoria takes pride in supporting providers to be Outstanding!

As an HLTH Manage user, Victoria will be there to support you with her impressive range of expertise! To find out more, speak to our team today via 0186 559 5795 or email enquiries@HLTH