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Streamline Workforce Management with HLTH Group’s Fixed-Fee HR Services

Managing a workforce while navigating complex employment laws and HR practices can be a daunting task. HLTH Group recognises the challenges faced by healthcare providers in maintaining compliance while efficiently managing their human resources. To alleviate these challenges, we proudly offer a comprehensive fixed-fee Employment Law & HR support service, specifically tailored for CQC-regulated healthcare providers.

1. Expert Advice Line: Our swift, pragmatic, and business-focused Employment Law & HR advice line offers unlimited access to expert guidance for an array of people-related issues. Whether you’re dealing with straightforward queries or intricate matters, our proficient team is here to help you navigate through challenges effectively.

2. Contracts and Staff Handbooks: Ensuring your contracts and employee handbooks are current and compliant is vital for seamless organisational functioning. Our adept team will assist you in drafting and updating these documents, customised to suit the unique needs of your healthcare establishment.

3. Efficient Document Drafting: Our assistance in drafting crucial HR letters and documents, such as disciplinary notices and termination letters, not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy and adherence to legal standards.

4. E-Learning Platform: Stay abreast of the latest employment laws and HR best practices with our user-friendly e-Learning platform. Our interactive courses provide comprehensive training for you and your team, cultivating a culture of compliance and continuous improvement.

5. Legal Expenses Insurance: Inclusive in our fixed-fee support package is legal expenses insurance, offering an added layer of protection against unforeseen legal costs stemming from employment-related claims.

6. HLTH Manage Software: Experience the convenience of our HLTH Manage software system, designed to streamline HR processes, manage employee data, and elevate overall efficiency in people management.

We understand that managing a healthcare workforce goes beyond day-to-day operations; it requires meticulous attention to compliance and the plethora of employment laws. Our fixed-fee HR services are thoughtfully designed to alleviate the burden of HR management while ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards. With our expert advice, meticulous documentation, legal support, and innovative software solutions, you can streamline your workforce management processes and focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Let HLTH Group’s Fixed-Fee HR Services be your reliable partner in maintaining compliance, reducing risks, and fostering a harmonious and efficient healthcare environment.